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Factors that indicate the impact of climate change

climate change

Its important to understand about the factors that indicate the impact of climate change. Its also effects health, through air pollution, disease, extreme weather events and forced displacement in those places where people cannot grow.

The factors that indicate the impact of climate change include a factors like Temperature changes, extreme weather events, melting ice and glaciers, sea level rise, rising carbon dioxide levels, impact on agriculture, ocean acidification and changes in Ecosystem.

Also some factors that indicate the impact of climate climate change are already harming health through increased hunger and poor nutrition and pressure on mental health in places where people find sufficient food.

Factors That Affects Climate Change

There are some factors that affect climate change are natural climate factors as well as some are global factors that affect all parts of earth. Here I will show you some major factors that affects climate change, these natural climate factors are,

  1. Air masses and winds
  2. Latitude
  3. Ocean currents
  4. Elevation
  5. Relife
  6. Sea level rise
  7. Loss of biodiversity
  8. Impact on agriculture
  9. Shift in Ecosystem
  10. Wildfire frequency
impact of climate change

Change In Temperature / Global surface temperature

Change in temperature is one of the most significant indicator that has been increasing more significant warming than others. The change in temperature is also a fundamental indicator of climate change and impact climate change.

Global surface temperatures have risen by 1.1 degree C and global warming affects all part of earth’s climate system, So the impact on nature and people depends on how much more the earth warm. Heat waves are most likely to change occur simultaneously with droughts, and intensity of heat waves and extreme high temperature events.

Impact Of Climate Change

Some times some factors that indicate the impact of climate change maybe due to some reasons and causes. Some causes are in list,

  1. Landfills
  2. Fracking
  3. Agriculture
  4. Overfishing
  5. Power plants
  6. Deforestation
  7. Offshore drilling
  8. Vehicles and transports

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