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Importance of Mental Health/Mental problems, stress, depression

Mental health awareness'
Importance of Mental Health
Mental health care sketch diagram

Maintain the weak mental health situations to build smooth behavior, and thoughts. Here are some tips to improve your mental health.

Health and its types ?

Health is your complete situation of body and mind, where you feel good through both physically and mentally. The word health is divided into two types:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

Mental health and Importance

Mental health means how a person behaviour and how it thinks and feels. It will help people with depression, stress and addiction that effect our behaviour and thoughts.

Mental Health is important because it impact our lives. When our mental health is good, we feel good and think more efficiently, This will help us to handle the stress and other situation. It improves our relationship with friends and family. In fact without strong mental health a person can not enjoy and achieve your goals in life. So Be careful.

Mental Health is important to us due to following reasons:

  • A link between mental health and physical health can cause stress because a sick mind may cause lead to sadness that causes stress conditions.
  • Mental health affect our behaviour, we meet our friends daily so it is important to make our mental health strong. So mental health affect our life.
  • There are suicide rates in our country due to mental health and increasing day by day due to stress, depression, anyone can defeat it by make your mental health strong.

Mental health – conditions – symptoms

1. Anxiety

Anxiety is emotional feeling of tension, worry thoughts, and physical changes like increasing blood pressure and headache. In children this is a problem. It lasts from few months to many years.

2. Depression

Depression is mental health feeling or sadness, and lack of interest in all activities that were enjoyable. It is no for one or two day, It is long time feelings of deep sadness.

3. Stress

Simply, stress our body response to pressure, or a natural response that your body has when you are facing challenges or demands. They are physically emotional or mental. It is your body’s way of preparing to deal with a difficult situations. It can come from any even or thoughts that make you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous.

4. Panic disorder

Panic disorder is characterized by recurrent and unexpected panic attacks are intense, sudden episodes of extreme fear or discomfort that often peak within a few minutes. Panic attacks can be very distressing and can lead to a rang of physical and psychological symptoms. Also fear of dying, chest pain, going crazy, sweating and rapid heart attack are symptoms.

5. Social Phobia

It is a common mental health problem. It is also known as social phobia. It is characterized by intense and persistent fear or anxiety about social situations and the fear of being judged, embarrassed, or negatively evaluated by others. Symptoms : excessive fear of social situations, fear of negative evaluation, physical symptoms and avoidance behavior.

Benefits of good mental health

As physical fitness helps our body to stay strong. Similarly, mental fitness help us to achieve and sustain a state of good mental health. When we are mentally healthy, we enjoy our life, environment and company of our family and friends.

  • Better relationship
  • Feelings become good
  • Take good decisions
  • Improve learning
  • Good physical health
  • Mind will be positive
  • creativity
  • High level of productivity
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Reduce stress, anxiety
  • Increase self confidence
  • Improved level of motivation

Importance of mental health awareness

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, recognizing the significance of mental health awareness is paramount. Understanding that mental health is just as vital as physical health is the cornerstone of this awareness. By promoting the importance of mental health awareness, we not only break down the barriers of stigma and silence but also foster a culture of empathy and support. This heightened awareness empowers individuals to prioritize their emotional well-being and reach out for help when needed. It’s a reminder that mental health awareness is not just about acknowledging the challenges but also celebrating the incredible resilience and strength that individuals possess. In the digital age, prioritizing the importance of mental health awareness is not just a trend; it’s a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and balanced life.

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