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Pot Roast Recipe

Pot roast recipe

Pot roast recipe is a delicious dish of united countries. Pot roast recipe is a mixture of beef and veggies and both have healthy properties as we know. Mostly people chose carrots and potatoes in pot roast recipe. This recipe is mostly cooked at 350F into the oven for 2 hours. The alternate of oven is pressure cooker, you can make this recipe on pressure cooker or other cooking pan.


Here are some healthy ingredients which are important to make this recipe “pot roast recipe”. Always use healthy ingredients like chose a roast that has lots of marbling, and baby potatoes for this recipe.

pot roast recipe
Pot roast recipe dish
  • Chuck roast
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Herbs
  • Red wine
  • Red potatoes
  • Garlic
  • Broth

How To Make Pot Roast Recipe

To make this recipe at home is very easy and you can make it just in few steps at home. This recipe can be make on oven but if you wants to make this recipe in pressure or an other pot then you can make this on pot or pressure.

Step : 1

Take a pan and add some oil then sear the chuck roast in the oil until the beef browned on all sides.

Step : 2

Cut the onions and place around the roast, Add red wine broth, and thyme. You can also add some rosemary into it, then bring simmer and place it in the oven for bake for 2 hours.

Step : 3

Cut the carrot and potatoes in a big size and then add in the recipe. Bake 2 hours more until the vegetables are tender then remove the bay leaf.

Step : 4

Before serve cut the roast in to the small pieces with the help of forks or any other spoons and your delicious and testy pot roast recipe is ready for serve.

Note :

How To Make Pot Roast Gravy

If you wants to make gravy then use sauce to make it.

  1. So firstly start from the slurry, to make slurry add 2 tsp corn starch in cold water and mixed it well until the smooth.
  2. Bring to a simmer without beef and vegetables. Remember that you should have only 2 cups add extra beef broth if needed.
  3. At last whist the slurry in to the simmering broth on low flam. You can also add some tomato paste into the broth.

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