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Underweight problems | How to weight gain | Healthy diet

how to weight gain

People in different countries have underweight problems. Some are naturally underweight due to their fast metabolism. Now the question is how to overcome the underweight problem. You can overcome it using foods that are high in calories. You can use cheese, nuts, and seeds in your meal for extra calories.

Why are you underweight?

Weight gain

Some people have an underweight problem due to their family background. If your family members are underweight the next generation may have problems. As you know genes move from one generation to another.

Another problem may be high metabolism, due to this a person even eating energy foods and fruits may not be able to gain weight.

Another one may be due to chronic diseases or physical illness or due to drugs. If you have diseases like cancer, anemia, depression, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

You may be underweight due to eating unhealthy foods, due to genetics, or low absorption of nutrients. Also, drugs and physical activity also affect that. You need to avoid drugs.

How to weight gain?

  • Make a healthy diet plan and follow it daily. It helps you to gain your weight and gives 100% results just in 20 or 30 days.
  • Use healthy shakes daily like banana shake strawberry shakes and add 2 or 3 dates to them. Bananas help grow your weight.
  • Take a short walk before meals, 15 minutes or 20.
  • Eat more frequently, also helps in weight gain.
  • Take a glass of milk, milk is a natural source of calcium and protein which help in weight gain.
  • Add Fish to your diet, it contains many calories and energy.
  • Add dry foods, they are rich in nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and protein which help in weight gain.
  • Add potatoes, eggs, coconut, red meat rice, and avocado.
  • Add 12 glasses of water daily to your diet plan to maintain your weight.

The best time to take calories for weight gain

  • In the morning.
  • Before workout.
  • Before bed.
  • As a snack.

Avoid some foods while following diet

diet for weight gain

If you are following a weight gain diet then certain foods and drinks, including processed foods and those containing added sugar may contribute to gain your weight if consumed in execs. This also may cause diseases or mental health, like stress, anxiety, or depression. So you must avoid these harmful foods while following a diet for weight gain if you want.

  • cold drinks
  • ice cream
  • fast foods
  • spicy dishes
  • sugary breakfast
  • green tea
  • cakes
  • chocolates
  • cookies and doughnuts
  • potato chips
  • smoking

Weight gain diet plane

A muscle-building diet is to take some calories in your daily breakfast, lunch, or dinner, also the amount of calories is very important. So your daily needs of calories, carbs, protein, fat is that.

1. calories-2500kcal 2. carbs- 319g 3. fiber- 37g 4. protein- 150g 5. fat- 65g


boil eggs 1 0r 2 / omglass of milk – 250ml
yogurt one cup2 bananas
oats – 250gbrown breed
some dry fruitspeanut butter
boil Chana


banana shake 2,3 glass mustany other smoothie drink
dates 5,6


yogurt one cup or 60gdal (1 bowl) or 60g
cucumber 22 eggs
roti / rice 1 cup potato curry
fresh fruitsgreen chutney


roti 2 , 3 chicken curry
soya chunk – 70g2 glass water

Sleeping time table

In the morning wake up early in the morning at 6:00 am and go to your bed in night at 10:00 pm. Means you just sleep 7 or 8 hours daily at night. Don’t take too much sleep.

Exercise for weight gain

Exercise to gain your weight.

  • push-ups
  • squats
  • triceps dips
  • pull-ups
  • cruncher
  • jumping
  • walking
  • running


What causes an underweight child?

Underweight problems in children may be due to eating low amounts of calories. They need a lot amount of calories.

What foods help your weight gain?

Foods like potatoes, roast chicken, Snacks, Fish, milk, egg etc help you to weight gain.

What exercise is best for weight gain?

Exercise like walking daily, doing push-ups, pull-ups, jumping, and running is the best exercise to gain your weight and healthy style.

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